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Food Consulting

As an International Consultant I provide the best solution for your Improvement to achieve your Goal in the best way.


Food Business & Industry Consultant

Recipe Development

New Product Development

Sensory Testing

Cost Reduction & optimisation

Facility Design

Food Design

Sustainable Food Packaging

Market Research

Process & Quality Control

Research and Development

Quality Management

Process Digitisation

Startup Consultant

Flavour and Ingredients Development

Food Innovation

Process optimisation & Cost Reduction

Vegan Food Innovation

Workshop & Presentation for Companies

Process Innovation


Import and Export consulting

Nutrition Consultant

Check & Analysis Nutrition Plan & Health history

Individual nutrition plan

Weight Management

Ideal Weight Analysis Plan

Weight loss Nutrition Plan

Gain Weight Nutrition Plan

Sports Nutrition

​Child Nutrition

Nutrition Plan for Companies & Hospitals

Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition

Vegan Diet & Nutrition

Restaurant Consultant

Menu Analysis & Development

Recipe Development

Food Design

Sensory Testing

Covid 19 Safety

Digital Quality Management

Business Development

Cost Management and Reduction

New Business Plan during Covid 19 Pandemic

Costumer Optimisation Analysis & Plan during Covid 19 Pandemic